Q: What is an "E" ticket?
E-tickets are offered by many major airlines, and allow you to travel without a paper ticket, eliminating the worry of leaving your tickets behind. offers e-tickets when they are available. Bring government-issued photo identification (such as a driver’s license or passport) to the airport. E-ticketed passengers must have a printed boarding pass in order to proceed directly through security for check-in at the gate. Customers with check-in baggage or E-tickets who do not have printed boarding passes must go to the ticket counter prior to going through security checkpoints.

Q: How do I cancel this reservation?
Most airline tickets issued are non-refundable and non-transferable. Name changes are not permitted. However, you may be able to exchange your tickets for different dates. Penalty fees apply and not all tickets are changeable. Please call our support department for details.

Q: Please quote me a fare.
As airlines fill flights or change fares, our database immediately reflects those changes. Since the fares change frequently we are unable to quote fares via email. Please call our sales team.

Q: Can I change the name on my ticket?
All reservations must be made in the EXACT name of the person traveling - no nicknames. For international travel, the name on the reservation must be EXACTLY as it appears on the traveler's passport

Q: Is my online purchase guaranteed?
All requests submitted, even if availability displays are provided, are requests only. Any requests that cannot be confirmed will receive notification by email. When you make your reservation request, if an electronic ticket cannot be issued, a paper ticket will be issued and shipped via the domestic courier. The only time a paper ticket will be issued is if an electronic ticket is not available.

Q: How do I book an infant ticket?
Infants are children under age 2. Each traveler age 12+ may accompany up to two infants in their own seats or one infant in the traveler's lap. Lap - Travelers (must be age 12+) in your party will hold the infant(s) throughout the flight. Please note that while infants in laps usually ride for free on domestic flights, a fee is charged on most international flights. Seated - A separate seat for the infant. You will be required to supply an infant car seat to ensure the infant's safety. The car seat must meet airline specifications. Seats reserved for infants may be billed at special infant fares. Please check with the carrier for more information.

Q: Where do I confirm my reservation?
All flights should be confirmed with the airline directly. We recommend that you do so at least 24 hours prior to departure for domestic flights (72 hours for flights to international destinations).