About us

Who We Are

Smartfly Travel & Tourism is an online travel-tech driven company that uses a highly evolved algorithm to help you get the best real-time price for your booking. Our ultimate aim to provide instant cheap tickets at your fingers tips.

In order to fulfil our aim we have introduced travel portal which scans through millions of data to get the best available offer. This way you are served the most competitive prices available.

It was our aim to create a platform that would offer great experience to the masses by making travel an accessible and pleasurable experience.

At present the online travel world is cluttered and the average traveller is lost in the Web World of travel portals. Smartfly Travel & Tourism realized this lacuna and has integrated Technology with Human touch to ensure that planning a Travel is easy and a pleasure too!

Why we’re the Best Choice

Our Mission

Our mission is to become a leading and modern travel service provider by using our algorithm which introduced scanning through the web to source the best available deal.

Our Vision

Our vision is to change the experience of travel services industry by introducing and applying new and modern standards in service delivery, clientele and business morals.

Our Core Values

Sticking to our core values and principles is one of our company’s biggest objectives. We’re serious about respect, equality & integrity in the work place.

10 Main Reasons Why You Should Choose Us.



We are an organization that take our environmental responsibilities very seriously working in principle with ISO 14001 standards.


24/7/365 Service

Our travel portal operates 24 x 7 x 365 days of the year, therefore our clients are able to book tickets anytime.


Qualified Professionals

Our staff are professionally qualified in the travelindustry. They take pride in their work and always work hard to meet our clients demand.


Leading Technology

We harness the latest technology to bolster and improve our processes. In the end, this results in a better travel experience for our clients.


Our Commitment

We're adamant about providing high-quality services & solutions, with client satisfaction being our utmost priority. We're also strict about offering a modern, friendly and stress-free work environment that inspires personal and professional progression for our staff and the community as a whole.


Our Ethos

We are bound to provide exclusive services and the utmost customer gratification by adhering strictly ethical trading initiatives that protect our staff and provide support for the community as whole.



We support and deliver programmes that develop the skills for young and unexperienced people in the communities in which we work, whilst also promoting work placements.


Our Transformational Approach

We team up to assist you in outlining a far-reaching range of economical travel results like sourcing competitive deals. We also offer a great customer experience from start to finish on our travel portal.


Our Ethics

Smartfly Travel & Tourism adhere the strict code of ethics to meet the European standards. We are in compliance with all legal requirements Including local Labour and tax laws, Health & Safety requirements, GDPR (General Data Protection Regulations) and Cyber security requirements.


We Deliver What We Commit

We understand the necessity of your travel requirements. We are using a customised travel portal which align with your requirements and deliverthe best available results. The power of our key differentiators in travel expertise, analytics and cutting-edge technology lead us to deliver what we commit.